Copycat Kfc Chicken & 26 Other Delicious Air Fryer Recipes



The best air fryer recipes are those that work great every time with just a tiny adjustment to suit your own air fryer. 

And a collection of air fryer recipes is great to have on hand for last-minute meals, or for food prepping for the week.

These chicken tenders have it all! Tender and juicy chicken in a flavor-packed crispy coating that delivers a satisfying crunch, yet baked in your air fryer using just a tiny spray of oil. 

An easy and delicious meal made healthier in the air fryer. It’s the perfect crispy chicken you know and love.

A cinch to make in the air fryer. Flavorful stuffed chicken breast filled with cheesy jalapeños wrapped in crispy bacon. 

An easy and even healthy recipe option for drumsticks that are juicy and full of flavor!

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