Companion Planting Like a Pro: Surprisingly Easy & Effective



Understanding when to use particular plant combinations to your garden’s advantage is the fundamental goal of the study and practice of companion planting.

The idea is to forego using artificial fertilizers or insecticides on your plants and let nature take care of what she does best.

Why Was Companion Planting First Used?

For centuries, people have practiced companion planting. Some of it was done on purpose, while other parts of it happened entirely by accident.

How It Applies to the Modern Gardener

Companion planting  principles were once more used in the 1970s as the organic gardening movement began gaining traction.

Follow These Companion Planting Principles

- Rotate Your Crops - Practice Polyculture and Avoid Monoculture - Remember to Plant Perennials, Herbs, and Flowers - Make Gardening Easier by Using Plants and instead of Labor

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