Common Houseplant Problems and Solutions

Few plant pests and diseases, as well as environmental problems like falling leaves and flower buds, can be avoided.

The most prevalent pests of houseplants are aphids, also referred to as greenflies, aphis, and aphides.


Various plants, such as cyclamen, pelargoniums, saintpaulias (African violets), and impatiens are infested by cyclamen mites.

Cyclamen Mites

Mealybugs are white, waxy, woodlice-like pests that typically infest ferns, palm trees, azaleas, and hippeastrums and live in groups.


Also referred to as greenhouse red spider mites, they are tiny, typically red, and have eight legs. They resemble spiders.

Red Spider Mites

Female scale insects lay their eggs on swollen, waxy-brown discs that are typically stationary.

Scale Insects

Thrips are tiny, dark-brown insects that resemble flies and jump from one plant to another.


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