Common Houseplant Problems and Solutions (Pictures)



Few plant pests and diseases, as well as cultural problems (often referred to as physiological disorders), like falling leaves and flower buds, can be avoided.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can do everything right, and you can still have an unhealthy plant. We’ll cover the most common houseplant problems and solutions.

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Houseplant Pests


The most prevalent pests of houseplants are aphids, also referred to as greenflies, aphis, and aphides. These small, typically green sap-sucking insects attack soft leaves, shoot tips, flowers, and other plant materials, sucking sap and causing mottling and distortion.

Cyclamen Mites

Various plants, such as cyclamen, pelargoniums, saintpaulias (African violets), and impatiens are infested by cyclamen mites (Busy Lizzies). They are tiny, resembling eight-legged spiders, and they assemble in groups on the undersides of leaves.


Mealybugs are white, waxy, woodlice-like pests that typically infest ferns, palm trees, azaleas, and hippeastrums and live in groups. They suck sap, which results in distortion, vigor loss, and yellowing of leaves.

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