Clover Lawns: 12 Reasons Why & Best Varieties



Many people think clover is a weed that should be banished. Although, a clover lawn could be one of the best things you can do for your landscape.

Let’s discuss how this perception of clover came to be, why it needs to change, and the best types to use on your lawn.

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12 Reasons to Have a Clover Lawn

Minimal Watering

Clover is drought tolerant and will keep its green color for most of the year in the U.S.  In the northern areas, it will lose color after the first frost, but it can stay green year-round in the south. Clover has deeper roots that allow it to reach more water than grass.


Minimal Mowing

Some clover varieties, such as Dutch white clover, only gets to be 2 to 8” tall.  This means you don’t need to mow it.  Although, some homeowners like to mow it during the middle of summer.



If you mow the clover, it can make an excellent supplement to compost.


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