Christmas Cactus: Top 9 Sunlight & Temperature Questions Answered



One of the keys to growing houseplants is selecting a location with the right amount of light. The Christmas cactus requires the correct amount of light to stay healthy and produce those beautiful winter time blooms it’s know for.

This story will cover all the top questions about sunlight and temperature. So you can select the best spot and ensure it is in the correct temperatures.

Does Christmas Cactus Like Sun or Shade?

Christmas cactus is a tropical cactus that grows best in bright, indirect light. It can tolerate some partial shade but won’t grow well in very dark rooms.


Where Is the Best Location for a Christmas Cactus?

The best location for your Christmas cactus is a room that faces east or west. A bathroom or a kitchen with a large window are both excellent choices, and they will also provide your cactus with a humid environment.


Why Should You Put a Christmas Cactus in the Dark?

Changes in daylight trigger the blooming time for the Christmas cactus. It needs short days, up to 10 hours, and long nights of at least 14 hours.


Why Are Christmas Cactus Leaves Turning Pale Green?

If your Christmas cactus turns pale green, it could be getting too much direct sun. This often happens, followed by a slight tinge of red color. Think of it as sunburn. Try moving it to a location with more indirect sun.


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