Can You Vent a Clothes Dryer Inside?



The exhaust from a traditional clothes dryer is full of moisture and lint. Clothes dryers should always be vented directly to the outside.

Lint is one of the main issues. The problem with lint is that it is damp and sticks on everything, leading to gumming up anything it comes into contact with.

How Small Is a Micron & Why Does It Matter

One micron equals 1/1000 mm (1/25,000 in one inch). Airborne particles are typically measured in microns. The human eye can detect dust and debris about 25 microns in diameter. The size of the particle can be used to assess the level of danger to the health of humans.

Are There Circumstances Where This Rule Could Be Violated?

The heat-pump water heaters (HPWH) cannot handle the latent load of clothes dryers vented to the interior. Each heat pump has a Sensible Heating Ratio (SHR), which tells you how much it can service the sensible and latent loads.

A Ventless Heat-Pump Clothes Dryer Is a Good Option

If there is no way to vent a clothes dryer to the outdoors, you need a ventless clothes dryer. You can choose between a ventless heat pump or condensing clothes dryer. Neither of these dryers must be vented outside.

Can a Clothes Dryer  Be Vented Into the Garage?

Generally no.  Unless the vent pipe goes into the garage and to the outside.  Which would not be efficient piping.

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