Can You Put a Cast Iron Pan in the Dishwasher? Solved + 4 Steps to Properly Clean



Today, cast iron pans are making a comeback. All types of people are falling in love with this heavy-duty cookware.

You can find them everywhere: professional kitchens, home kitchens, and even outdoor kitchens. In fact, cast iron is often used outside due to the widespread resurgence of outdoor, open-fire cooking.

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4 Steps: How to Clean Cast Iron Pans

Step 1: Let the Pan Cool

When it comes to cast iron, it’s important not to clean the pan until it has cooled down. Waiting until the pain has cooled down helps to avoid warping or cracking from internal shock due to the rapid temperature change.


Step 2: Wash the Pan

Use hot or warm water to rinse and wash your cast iron pan. Avoid using soap, even mild dish soap, as it can easily leave a residue within the pores of the pan.


Step 3: Dry the Pan

Dry your pan using a paper towel or a cloth free from lint. Make sure your pan is completely dry before moving on to step four.


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