Can Snake Plants Live Outside? Tips & Tricks for a Thriving Outdoor Plant



In the vast world of indoor plants, there is one that stands tall, proud, and slightly menacing: the snake plant, also known as Dracaena trifasciata or, more colorfully, Mother-in-law’s tongue.

These hardy, low-maintenance houseplant wonders are often found sprucing up the corners of living rooms and offices, but the question remains: can snake plants live outside?

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Guide to Growing a Snake Plant Outdoors

Climate & Temperature Requirements

Snake plants, being the resourceful creatures they are, can adapt to a wide range of temperatures. However, they do have a soft spot for a mild climate.


Location & Lighting: A Delicate Dance with Sunbeams

When it comes to location, all types of snake plants can be surprisingly fussy. They enjoy a spot that provides bright, indirect light or even partial shade. 


Soil and Watering: A Symbiosis of Earth and H2O

Snake plants are succulents, which means they have evolved to store water within their leaves. As such, they favor well-draining soil that prevents root rot.


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