Can Crystal Reveal If Your Plants are Healthy? This Duo Put It to the Test



Dive into the extraordinary world of plant care with a game-changing gardening hack that has been surging in popularity.

A woman and her grandpa share the unconventional technique, ‘dowsing’, which uses a simple pendulum to reveal your plant’s health.

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Learn more about the Woman & Grandpa Try “Dowsing”

This technique, developed by Esther Dean, a renowned Australian author of gardening books, allows you to assess the condition of your plants.

By hanging a pendulum above the plants, you can observe their movement to gain insights into their health. The typical pendulum is made of a crystal suspended from a single chain.

Here’s how it works: If the pendulum swings in a circular motion, it indicates that the plant is thriving. However, if the pendulum remains still, it suggests that the plant is not doing well.

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