Caladium / Xanthosoma Lindenii Plant Care Guide



Step into the lush, vibrant world of the tropics with the Xanthosoma lindenii magnificum, a plant that is as exotic as its name suggests. 

Also known as Caladium, this Colombian native is a showstopper in the realm of houseplants, boasting large, arrowhead-shaped leaves adorned with striking white veins.

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Caladium (Xanthosoma Lindenii) Plant Care Guide


Part of the reason this makes such a great indoor plant is because of its light requirement. Caladium loves light and can thrive in both artificial light and natural light.

Water and Humidity

Though water requirements can vary depending on soil, light, and pot size, this plant typically needs less water than others. Instead, look for certain signs to tell you when it is time to water this plant.


This plant can withstand temperatures ranging from 65 to 75°F. However, Caladium does not like the cold and will stop growing if temperatures fall below 70°F, even if it can technically stand lower.

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