Bush Cucumbers: New Space-Saving Growing Method

If you love pickles and cucumbers and want to try growing and making your own, this is actually an easier process than you think.

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Many people assume that you need an elaborate setup of trellises and extensive gardening skills to make this happen. The truth is you can very easily take on this project with a small space.

Allow us to introduce you to the bush cucumber. This variety of bush cucumber doesn’t require a lot of space, doesn’t have to grow upwards on a trellis and is very hardy.

This variety of cucumbers is essentially a small version of the large cucumber. They don’t need a lot of space to grow, but they manage to produce just as much.

Bush Cucumbers

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When the cucumbers grow, they will start out somewhat short and thick. Then, as they mature, they will become thinner and more prolonged.


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The Spacemaster cucumber plant is a dwarf-sized bush perfect for gardening in small locations. You can even hang it in a basket when minimal ground space is available.


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The Bush Champion is also a trendy dwarf option that can produce impressively sized fruits between eight and 12 inches long.

Bush Champion

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