Burning Leaves: Experts Warn Against & Offer Suggestions



Many states and cities have laws against leaf burning, although some don’t. And homeowners don’t realize the negative impacts it has.

We reached out to  industry experts to get their opinions on why to avoid burning leaves and the alternatives.

Why Is Burning of Leaves Is  Discouraged

“Burning fall leaves releases pollutants like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter into the air. These pollutants can cause nasty health issues and respiratory issues.

How to Get Rid of Leaves Without Burning

Melinda explains that leaves can have benefits most people don’t realize: “Consider leaves a free resource that can be used to improve the soil, for making compost, as well as a mulch to suppress weeds and conserve moisture.

Pro Tips for Collecting Leaves

- Raking Leaves: Eric DeBoer of Simple Lawn Solutions states: “Raking and bagging is a tried-and-true method of disposing of your leaves. - Blowing, Mowing and Mulching Leaves: Melinda suggests: “You can shred leaves with your mower and leave them on the lawn. 

Use the Correct Amount of Leaves

Whatever method you  choose, it’s essential to get most of the leaves off the lawn. As Eric shared, leaving too many leaves on your lawn could harm your lawn: “If you love your lawn, it’s best to get the majority of the leaves picked up or ground up to avoid harboring disease and blocking sunlight”.

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