Bucket-List Worthy Places to Visit in the United States



The United States is an amazing tourist destination, but only some realize how much there is to see and do.

With this list, we hope to spark some interest in some of the country’s incredible places. This coming summer might be the perfect time to start exploring.

Acadia National Park: A Hidden Gem in Maine

With beautiful scenery and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and camping, it’s perfect for those who want to get away from crowds and enjoy nature.

The Lincoln Memorial: A Monument Honoring a Great President

The memorial is made of marble and features a statue of Lincoln sitting in a chair. It’s a great place to visit and learn about the history of the United States.

The Statue of Liberty: The Symbol of Freedom & Opportunity

The Statue of Liberty is known as a symbol of freedom and opportunity. It’s located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and was a gift from France in 1886.

Mount Rushmore: A Monument to American History

Mount Rushmore is a monument to American history. It’s located in South Dakota and features the faces of four of the most famous presidents in American history.

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