Broccoli Companion Plants

Broccoli may be a vegetable that you either love or hate, but once you grow it, you’ll most likely love it.

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It’s an excellent crop for the cool season that can handle a little bit of light shade.  They are also big, beautiful plants that can produce for several weeks.

We’ll cover the best broccoli companion plants, and also what not to grow with broccoli. There are two main planting methods.

Broccoli can take up a large amount of space in the garden for a long time. To make up for this, you can plant fast-growing plants like leaf lettuce, beets, and radishes near broccoli.

Some companions will help eliminate aphids and cabbage worms, the two biggest problems for brassicas in the spring.

Avoiding Pests

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If you plant a carpet of sweet alyssum under your broccoli, hoverflies will be drawn to it, and the hoverfly larvae will eat the aphids.


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You can plant calendula as a trap crop to catch any aphids that the hoverflies don’t get. Aphids like calendula, and many of them will pick that instead of your broccoli.


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