Breathe Life Into Bare Walls: 21 Splendid Plants Perfect for Growing on Walls



Blank walls are like blank canvases crying out for a masterpiece. Why leave them bare when you can easily infuse them with natural beauty using climbing plants? With some creativity and knowledge, you can unleash gorgeous greenery on vertical surfaces.

These 21 plants that grow on walls can lend magic to mundane walls through their diverse textures, scents, colors and heights.

Trumpet Vine – Campsis Radicans

Trumpet vine thrives in hot, sunny spots. Provide at least 6-8 hours of direct southern or western sun exposure along walls. Allow plenty of vertical room for growth up to 40 feet.


Red Valerian – Centranthus Ruber

Masses of pink, crimson, or snowy white blooms unleash cottage garden appeal on walls from May to September when red valerian is in flower. Site this leggy plant low on the wall in full sun to part shade so its elongated stems don’t flop about unattractively.


Yellow Corydalis – Pseudofumaria Lutea

Cheery yellow trumpet-shaped blooms herald spring’s arrival when they emerge against stone walls and garden paths from this Southern European native. Yellow corydalis flourishes snuggled into the crevices of stone walls where cool conditions prevail.


Creeping Jenny – Lysimachia Nummularia

With its trailing stems and chartreuse leaves, creeping jenny creates a relaxed cascading effect down garden walls. Its golden-yellow blooms provide a pop of color that complements the foliage.


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