Braided Snake Plant: How-to Braid Like a Pro & Care Guide



Like all Snake Plants, Cylindrical Snake Plants are natural air purifiers and remove toxins from the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Braiding them together is easy, and when you’re done, your braided snake plant will be a living art form that is an excellent addition to your décor.

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How to Braid Your Snake Plant

Assemble the Items You’ll Need to Braid Your Plant

- Two Snake Plants, each with three leaves at least 14″ long and about the same length - Two bowls, one empty, one with water - Cloth - Twine or raffia - Rubber band

Prepare Your Plant Before You Braid

Take the two Snake Plants, clean the leaves, rinse the soil off their roots with water, and dry them with the cloth. Bind the two plants together with at least 12″ of twine just above the roots, and tie them firmly.

Steps to Braiding Your Plant

- Lay the two plants on top of one another with the stems facing you. - Take the left two leaves and bring them over the middle two leaves, holding them firmly because they’re going to want to bounce back. - Now bring the right two leaves over the NEW middle two leaves.

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