Black Strawberries: Real or Fake? [Solved]



Most people would choose red or pink if asked to associate strawberries with a color. The association between strawberries and the color red is so strong that food manufacturers started coloring their raspberry-flavored products blue to avoid confusion.

However,  strawberries come in several colorful varieties besides red. In fact, you may have seen shiny,  jet-black strawberries on the internet, along with listings or seeds to grow your own at home.

What Are Black Strawberries?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a genuinely black strawberry. Images you might see on the internet of pure black strawberries are either photoshopped or painted. In fact, black strawberries started out as art.

How to Identify a Scam

Now that you know that black strawberries do not exist, you should be able to identify any listing for black strawberries or their seeds as a scam.

Do Strawberries Come in Other Colors Besides Red?

While black strawberries are a myth, strawberries come in more colors besides just red. Though rarer, you can find yellow/golden, white, or purple strawberries.

Yellow Strawberries

The Alpine Yellow Wonder Strawberry is one of the most visually stunning strawberry varieties. They are a slightly subtler yellow than a banana or a lemon and may even be described as golden sometimes.

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