Black Gold Snake Plant Care Guide: Expert Tips & Propagating



Snake Plants are known as tolerant, easygoing houseplants that anyone can care for. This is true, but they do best in cultural conditions that match their native environment.

Let’s look at these conditions and how you  can re-create them in your home or office.

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Caring for Your Black Gold Snake Plant


Although they are considered low-light plants, Snake Plants actually do best in medium to bright indirect light, such as in an east- or north-facing window. 


Snake Plants do well in 65 to 90 degrees F, which are well within the range of most households. They don’t like drafts or extreme temperatures, so try to keep them in steady temperatures away from hot or cold vents.


Households have an average relative humidity of about 30% to 40% and are drier during the winter when the heat is on. This is a fine humidity level for your Snake Plant, and it’s not necessary to sit them on a pebble tray or use a humidifier.

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