Best Zone 5 Fruit Trees: Standard, Dwarf & Unique / Exotic Varieties



We will discuss some of the best varieties for those living in colder climates. Not all fruit trees are suitable for zone 5 – it is essential to choose wisely.

So, whether you are just starting with fruit trees or looking to add more variety to your garden, read on for some great ideas.

Dwarf Fruit Trees for Zone 5

- Cherry Trees - Apple Trees - Banana Trees

Standard Fruit Trees for Zone 5

- Pear Trees - Plum Trees - Peach Trees

Unique & Exotic Fruit Varieties for Zone 5

- Pawpaw Trees - Cold Hardy Kiwis - Mulberry Trees - Fig Trees - Serviceberry Trees - Quince Trees

Zone 5 Fruit Bushes/Shrubs

- Cloudberry - Tayberry - Elderberries

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