The Best Soil for Pothos Plants: Recipe & How to Mix Soil Like a Pro

Pothos is an excellent starter plant and for experienced houseplant lovers too. But note that being an easy plant to grow doesn’t make the process mindless.

The potting soil you use impacts what nutrients your plant gets. It also defines the plant roots’ growth.

4 Things to Consider For The Best Pothos Soil Mix

A pothos plant will enjoy soil with a pH of 6.2-6.8 (considered neutral but leans slightly to acidity). Thankfully, most are in that range.

pH Level

Since pothos is drought tolerant, they don’t work well in soggy soils. So, you’ll need well-draining soil that retains the right amount of moisture.


For moisture retention, you can try ingredients such as coco coir, sphagnum moss, peat moss, and horticultural charcoal.


Common Problems From The Wrong Soil

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The ideal potting soil for this plant should have excellent drainage. Satin Pothos is deathly sensitive to root rot and won’t tolerate sitting in damp, soggy soil.

Root Rot

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