Begonia Care: Beginner’s Plant Guide + 4 Common Problems to Avoid



When looking at exotic foliage plants, the Begonia rex ranks at the top of the list; the upper sides of its leaves can have a variety of color combinations, while the undersides are primarily reddish brown.

Now, let’s go over proper begonia care so your plant will stay alive and healthy (remember to read the four problems to avoid)!

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Begonia Care Tips & Ideal Conditions

Light and Location (Avoid Too Much Direct Sun)

Begonias with fibrous roots and rhizomes, which are generally planted for their foliage, need bright filtered light but not direct full sun. As these plants prefer partial shade.

Water Needs

Dry air is not suitable to grow begonias. The plants should be constantly misted with water if they are in hanging baskets. They can also be stood in their pots on moist pebbles.

Preferred Temperature Ranges

Begonias with fibrous roots, rhizomatous roots, and tuberous roots (all begonia types) thrive in standard room temperatures of about 59°F (15°C).

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