Beets Companion Plants: Top 4 Best Plants + 3 to Avoid



Beets are a crop that indeed provides everything: both the leaves and the roots can be consumed!

The bright red round  roots are what most  people are accustomed to seeing pickled in salads, but beet leaves are also delicious and nutrient-rich and can be prepared similarly to spinach.

Top 4 Beets Companion Plants

– Radish – Carrots – Onions – Lettuce

Best Companion Plants for Beets and Avoiding Pests

Aphids, flea beetles, red  spider mites, and cutworms are typical beet pests. Radishes, onions, and carrots make excellent companion plants for controlling these pests.

What Not to Plant With Beets: Avoid These 3

- Chard - Field Mustard - Pole Beans

Starting and Planting

Beets are best started from seed. Each “seed” of a beet is a group of seeds that will grow a few plants together. In order to avoid having to thin them out, always try to plant one seed per spot. (Two to four beets can happily grow in the same space.)

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