Bean Companion Plant: Top 5 Pole & Bush Choices + Pest Info



Beans come in two types: bush and pole (aka runner). With two varieties to pick from, you can grow beans in your garden regardless of size or shape. On some sort of trellis, you must grow runner beans.

Bush beans are very productive, but you can grow them in containers without a trellis! We’ll cover each bean companion plant and how to avoid pests.

Top 5 Bean Companion Plants

– Potatoes – Dill – Yarrow – Cosmos – Marigolds

Pole and Bush Bean Companion Plants + Pests

Aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, Mexican bean beetles, and other pests are among the enemies of beans. Thankfully, some trustworthy companion plants can keep each of these pests at bay.

Plants to Avoid

Because they release biochemicals that might impede other plants’ development, beans are considered allelopathic plants ( Onion, leek, chives, and other onion family members don’t go well with beans.

Starting to Plant

Bush beans are compact plants that typically require little to no staking and grow between 12 and 24 inches (31 and 61 cm) tall. However, runner or pole beans need a trellis or teepee to climb on because they can grow a height of 10 feet (3 meters) or higher.

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