Banana Peels in Compost: Guide (Turn Waste Into Pay Dirt)



Every time you throw away banana peels, you’re not only discarding a tasty, nutritious snack but also tossing out nutrient-rich additives for your garden. 

This story covers a lot, from the benefits of banana peels in compost to how composting is done and other uses of banana peels in the garden. Let’s get started!

Can You Put Banana Peels in Compost?

Yes, you can add banana peels to compost. Vegetable matter and fruits like bananas are compostable. As a compost material, banana peels add nutrients such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphates, and magnesium to your compost mix.

How Do Banana Peels Help in Compost?

- Potassium - Calcium - Phosphorus - Magnesium - Nitrogen

Are Banana Peels Green or Brown Compost?

Depending on the conditions they are exposed to, banana peels double as green or brown compost. 

Best Way to Compost Banana Peels

- Choose an Area for Your Compost Bin - Collect Your Composting Materials - Prepare the Bananas - Maintain Your Compost Bin

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