Are Pothos Toxic to Cats? Poisonous Plant Questions (Solved)



While certain types of plants and foliage may look nice in your home and on your property, some species can pose a danger to your beloved pets.

Today, we’re going to solve the question, “are pothos toxic to cats?” Then, we’ll discuss what you should do if your feline friend eats it.

Why Pothos Plants Are Dangerous to Cats

The leaves and stems that are on the pothos plant both contain something called calcium oxalate crystals. If a cat consumes some of the plants these minerals can be dangerous.

How to Keep Cats Away From Pothos Plants

The best thing you can do is remove the plant from your home or property entirely. If this isn’t an option, you can try some other methods. Consider moving the plant up high where your cat can’t reach. 

How Poisonous Is Pothos to Cats?

The surface of the pothos plant isn’t poisonous to cats, so walking past it, smelling it, or rubbing up against it isn’t going to make much of a difference for your cat.

How Much Pothos Has to Be Consumed to Create Toxicity in Cats?

If your cat hasn’t chewed on the stems or leaves of the pothos plant, they may very well be ok. However, if they’ve started to transfer over to those more poisonous areas, this is when toxicity will occur.

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