Anthurium Plant Problems, Diseases & Pests (Solved)



From time to time, your anthurium may experience some setbacks resulting from bad plant care habits that may impede its growth or cause it to lose its vibrant color.

Whether you own an anthurium or want to grow one, this guide uncovers everything about the common anthurium plant problems and how to control pest infestation and diseases. Let’s get started!

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Common Anthurium Problems

Watering Issues

The most common problem for gardeners and houseplant owners is usually watering issues. Though experts recommend watering schedules, many gardeners get it wrong sometimes.

Light Issues

Finding the right amount of light can be tricky for anthuriums. Exposing plants to sunlight for a long time can cause them to wither. While anthuriums have fairly thick leaves, they don’t require direct light, as this can burn the leaves.

Poor Soil Structure

Besides water and light, soil plays a huge role in plant growth and development. The right potting soil mix nourishes the plant and prevents overwatering.

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