Anthurium Plant Care: 101 Beginner’s Guide for Beautiful Blooms



The philodendron family, which includes anthuriums, prefers moist, humid, warm circumstances to dry and chilly ones. Numerous anthurium varieties exist, but only three are appropriate for growing as an indoor houseplant.

We’ll cover some other varieties and give you Anthurium care tips, so you’ll have a healthy plant with some beautiful blooms year-round.


- Andraeanum - Guatemala - Scherzerianum (Flaming Flower, Flamingo Flower, Flamingo Plant, Pigtail Flower, Pigtail Plant, Tail Flower) - Anthurium Crystallinum (crystal Anthurium)

Common Problems

- Leaves Turning Yellow - Flower Wilting - Brown Patches

Ideal Growing Conditions

- Water Needs - Temperature - Location and Lighting - Fertilizer / Feed - Plant Care During the Seasons - Preferred Soil

How to Get Beautiful Anthurium Blooms

Unfortunately, blooms may be unable to be seen. If your plant is too root-bound, has wet soil, or has inadequate light. To get this plant to blossom, you’ll need high humidity levels and weekly applications of a high-phosphorus fertilizer.

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