All About Koi Fish Whiskers



This story will teach you about koi fish whiskers. Although, if we get technical their whiskers are actually called “maxillary barbels”.

You’ll be surprised to learn that like other animals such as dogs, and cats, koi’s whiskers have specific beneficial functions.

Finding the Whiskers

Koi whiskers are pretty easy to spot. They are located on the top and bottom of their mouths. They have been known to be different colors including brown, white, and black.

How Many Whiskers Do Koi Have

Koi actually have two sets of whiskers. The first set is usually near the top of their lips. Typically smaller in size and could resemble growths more than whiskers. The second set is usually around where their top and bottom lips meet. 

Why Do Koi Have Whiskers

Whiskers help koi with a few different things: they koi sense and taste food, actually, by sensing the chemicals in the water.

When Koi Get Their Whiskers

Surprisingly, koi are actually born without whiskers. When they are a few weeks old their first set of whiskers will grow in. But, they are only temperary and will actually fall off in a couple of months.

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