A Woman’s Dollar Tree DIY Stack Organizer Revolutionizes Bathroom Organization!



If you’re anything like many women out there, you probably have a collection of lotions, facial washes, creams, and other skincare essentials taking up valuable space on your countertop.

And let’s not forget the added challenge of sharing the countertop with your partner’s stuff too. But what if there’s a simple trick that can help you free up that space without breaking the bank?

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Bathroom Space Saver: How One Woman’s Dollar Tree Creation Will Leave You in Awe

The journey of the DIY stack organizer started with a trip to Dollar Tree, where @southernescape stumbled upon the essential items needed, such as wooden crates and planks for this DIY work.

Using the two wood planks as a sturdy foundation side by side, she strategically positioned the first wooden crate in the middle, nestled between the planks and slightly tilted at an angle.

She expertly used a staple gun to secure the crate to the planks to ensure stability, fastening it securely on both sides. It’s incredible how something as simple as staples can create a sturdy and reliable structure.

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