A Simple Secret for Lush Lavender Blooms Revealed



Blurring the boundary between herb and flower, lavender plants offer an abundance of uses. Beautiful, aromatic, soothing… we all want more of this flower in our gardens.

One TikTok gardener  shared his secret for an abundant harvest. And guess what? It’s simpler than you would think.

As garden guy @plant.vibrations explained in a recent TikTok video, “If you want to grow the healthiest lavender with the most flowers, you have to prune them twice a year: in the early springtime and then again at the end of summer, or when your plants are in their peak bloom season.”

Heavy pruning in the spring – he prunes his in March – will help prevent your lavender bush from becoming woody. The key to this early spring pruning is to cut back hard. You essentially want to remove all of the old growth from the previous year.

Lavender is a plant famously popular among bees (not so much with mosquitoes, as lavender repels them). So it’s no surprise that many people in the comments were worried about reducing the number of pollinator-friendly flowers.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to help save the bees while also pruning your lavender.To start, plant native pollinator-friendly plants in addition to lavender. 

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