Watermelon Growth Stages: Seed to Plate + Growing Tips




Humans have cultivated watermelon plants for thousands of years. Originally native to southwest Arica, watermelons now grow in hot climates worldwide.

Today, we’ll explain the watermelon growth  stages in detail. Then we’ll offer some tips to ensure you have an abundant harvest.

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8 Watermelon Growing Stages & Timeline


A single watermelon can weigh up to 25 lbs. But the growing cycle of watermelon begins with a tiny black and brown seed. This flat, teardrop-shaped seed is no bigger than half an inch long.


Germination and Sprouting

During germination, the seed sprouts a tiny stem called a hypocotyl. This stem allows the plant to root in the soil. The seed embryo then develops radicles that eventually develop into the primary root.


Vegetative Growth

In about 5-10 days, four or five leaves will replace the tiny embryonic leaves. This growth is known as the first set of true leaves.


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