Reasons for Wrinkled Snake Plant Leaves & Simple Solutions




There are a number of reasons why the leaves will wrinkle, and most of them are due to cultural and environmental conditions that have caused them stress.

Let’s look at the eight different reasons for wrinkled Snake Plant leaves, how you can diagnose the symptoms, and how you can fix them.

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8 Causes of Wrinkled Snake Plant Leaves

Watering Issues

The most frequent causes of wrinkled Snake Plant leaves are watering issues. Underwatering, overwatering, and water with added chemicals can all stress the plant and cause the leaves to wrinkle.

Inadequate Light

Snake Plants are known to be adaptable to various levels of light and are often billed as low-light plants. They are indeed adaptable, but for optimum health, they do best in bright indirect light.

Damage From Overfertilizing

Fertilizer burn happens when too much fertilizer builds up in the soil and draws water out of the roots, leaving them unable to absorb moisture. The plant suffers from dehydration, and the leaves become wrinkled.

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