Reasons for a Pothos Vine With No Leaves & Easy Solutions




Do you dream of a lush pothos plant (Devil’s ivy) winding through your living spaces, purifying the air, and adding natural beauty? 

These adaptable plants thrive in most homes, but what if they start losing leaves, leaving behind bare vines? Fear not! Here are eight causes and solutions to restore your pothos to its former glory.

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The 8 Reasons Explained In-Depth

Problem 1: Not Pruning

People often think because pothos is so hardy, they don’t need any maintenance. But, these plants need regular pruning to maintain their best appearance. Pruning prevents the plant from becoming “leggy” and encourages fuller growth near the base.

Problem 2: Nutrient Deficiency

Pothos plants are generally low-maintenance but may suffer from nutrient deficiencies if potted for a long time. Yellowing or pale leaves on the vine indicate a nutrient deficiency.

Problem 3: Overwatering

Overwatering is a common issue with houseplants, and pothos is no exception. Too much water leads to root rot, leaf loss, and potentially killing the plant. Signs of overwatering include drooping, yellowing growth, and leafless vines.

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