Winter Houseplant Care Tips, According to Plant Experts




Winter can be a tricky time of year to care for houseplants. Humidity levels drop, as does the amount of sunlight during the day. For some plants, this poses little risk; for others, they may not survive.

We chatted with three plant professionals to get their expert winter houseplant care advice to make sure your plant survives.

Water: Less or More?

Summer is when outdoor and indoor plants thrive—rapidly growing and soaking up water. So, it makes sense to follow a regular watering schedule. But, in winter, what do you do?


Light: How to Handle Lower Levels of Sunlight

We talked to James from Exubia, for his thoughts on handling this: “Although there’s little that can be done about the amount of light available, there are a few steps houseplant enthusiasts can take to help them adapt to the lack of light.


Fertilizer: Stay the Same, or Decrease?

Karen suggests reducing plant fertilizer: “In the winter, when the days are shorter, plants do not need to be fertilized. This is because they are basically hibernating for winter. 


Temperature: Keep It Steady

During the winter our home’s heating system will be cycling on and off, fluctuating in temperature- especially if allowed to drop at night. On top of this, the outside temperature also drops at night. Therefore, move them away from windows in the evening, and keep an eye on how low the thermostat dips.


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