Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas (What to Plant in Them)




This story looks at 6 of the most common gardening methods and layouts, how to set them up, and what to grow in them.

It also discusses the importance of companion planting, crop spacing, average plant yields, and how to use them to decide which garden layout is best for your space. Read on to find out more.

Row Gardening

Row gardening is growing vegetables in rows. It’s a traditional gardening method that has been used for millennia, long before using greenhouses or even raised beds. Many gardeners still use this method with great results, especially when polytunnels are included.

Raised Bed  Gardening

Raised bed gardening is the most popular alternative to row gardening. Instead of planting vegetables directly in the garden soil, the method uses rectangular, raised containers filled with a nutrient-rich, well-draining soil mix.

Square Foot Gardening

The concept of square foot gardening was developed in 1981 by retired civil engineer Mel Bartholomew and relies on one core principle: making the most out of small gardening space.

Straw Bale Gardening

Joel Karsten invented straw bale gardening in 2013. He aimed to make growing crops more straightforward and more sustainable in areas with poor soil. And the easiest way to do that was by using straw bales as containers to grow fruit and vegetables.

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