$6 DIY Wood Planter Box: Genius Choice of Materials Slashes Costs to Create Beautiful, Functional Planters



In the era of high lumber prices, homeowners and gardening enthusiasts are on the lookout for cost-effective solutions for their outdoor spaces.

One such solution is the $6 DIY wood planter box, a project that uses just three fence pickets to create a beautiful and functional planter box.

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5 Construction Steps to Creating the Wooden Planter

Materials and Tools Needed

- fence pickets - miter saw set - pocket hole joiner - exterior deck screws - wood glue - sanding tool

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

Start by cutting the pickets into the necessary pieces for your planter. This includes eight legs, four top and bottom boards, and wall boards and trim pieces. Be sure to use bevel and miter cuts for a tight fit.

Step 2: Assembling the Frame

Use a pocket hole joiner to create holes for your screws, and set the depth collar for one-half inch. Use exterior deck screws to secure the pieces together.

Step 3: Building the Walls

After the frame is assembled, you can start building the walls. Measure and mark the wall boards to be placed on the side frames. Pre-drill holes and use one-inch screws to fasten the walls to the frame.

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