Tricks to Cat-Proof Your Plants




Do you own a cat and have experienced the frustration of them wreaking havoc on your precious plants? Well, fret not because we have some fantastic tips to share with you.

Let’s explore the advice shared by a woman on TikTok who offers clever strategies to improve the relationship between your cats and plants at home.

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Tricks for Cat Owners to Save Their Plants

The Power of Citrus

It’s important to note that cats dislike citrus fruits. Strategically placing orange or lemon peels on the soil of your pots creates a barrier that deters cats from digging into your soil.


Rocks as Guardians

Another effective method is incorporating rocks into the soil, creating a simple yet effective prevention for cats from digging and potentially damaging your plants.


Hanging Pots: A Cat-Free Zone

This method not only adds a decorative touch to your space but also keeps your plants out of reach from curious feline paws.


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