Onion Growing Stages

This story will unearth the truth about onion growing stages, the best-growing conditions, and the onion life cycle.

Plus, we’ll also debunk some myths about spring onions and scallions. First, let's go over onion growing conditions.

Likely native to southeast Asia, onions now grow in temperate zones worldwide. California produces the most onions, over 25% of the nation’s total onion production.

The best time to plant an onion crop will depend on: onion variety, regional growing season, sunlight, and whether you’re growing from seed or bulb.

Roots develop downward, anchoring into the soil. These roots hold the seed in place and absorb nutrients and moisture.

1.) Germination

The seedling rapidly forms vegetative growth over two weeks, during which proper moisture, warmth, and fertilization are crucial.

2.) Vegetative Growth

After developing at least four robust leaves, the onion plant begins to direct energy toward bulb formation. Next, is maturation...

3.) Bulb Formation

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