Must-Have Cauliflower Companion Plants for Best Harvest




Today, cauliflower is becoming more trendy, and it’s common to see it used in pizza crust, rice, bread, and crackers. It’s an excellent cool-season vegetable crop that’s adaptable to both partial shade and full sun.

We’ll cover the best cauliflower companion plants, explain how they attract beneficial insects, and work together.

5 Best Companion Plants for Cauliflower

- Beets -  Lettuce - Fennel - Nasturtiums - Cosmos

3 Bad Companion Plants for Cauliflower

- Tomatoes - Strawberries - Brassicas

Getting Started & Planting Cauliflower

Cauliflower can be planted in the late summer or early fall and allowed to grow throughout the winter if your winters only experience light frosts. 

Growing Cauliflower and Harvesting

The plant’s top center is where the head develops; although it starts small, it will eventually get much more prominent. It would be best to cover the cauliflower heads once the leaves begin to part and the sun shines directly on them because direct sunlight can cause them to turn discolored.

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