5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Change starts at home; and as the reality of climate change and its causes comes into focus, many people are making strides to affect change by adopting greener habits in their daily lives.

Since 1970, when the National Environmental Policy Act became law, the U.S. federal government has been required to consider the impact of its actions on the environment.

Here are five researched simple ways to make your home—and household habits—more sustainable.

5 Tips

By using water filters at home instead of buying bottled water, consumers can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions and reduce harmful waste.

1.) Water Filters


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Food and yard scraps comprise nearly one-third of trash—a metric that can be all but eliminated by composting.

2.) Compost

LED bulbs use an estimated 15% less energy than compact fluorescent light bulbs, and don’t contain the dangerous mercury vapor found in the latter.

3.) LED Lights

Buying parts and repairing broken appliances yourself, or having a professional do the repairs, may be a good option if repairs cost less than half of a new appliance

4.) Appliances


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