Reasons for Repotting Money Tree & Best Method How




Money Trees (Pachira aquatica) are exotic, curious-looking tropical houseplants with 5-parted leaves growing at the top of braided trunks.

You need to provide several things for your Money Tree so it will thrive, such as the right light, water, and soil. In addition, part of that care is repotting it.

4 Reasons Why You Should Repot Your Money Tree

1. Outgrowing the Pot 2. Becoming Root-Bound 3. Replenishing the Soil For Better Nutrition 4. Replacing Soil That’S Been Contaminated by Pests or Diseases 

When & How Often Should You Repot?

The best time to repot your  plant is in spring or early summer when the Money Tree wakes up from dormancy. This early time of year will ensure the plant has months of growing season to bounce back and establish from any transplant shock it experiences.

The Best Soil To Use

Money Tree needs its soil to be rich, nutritious, and moist but never soggy. It’s essential that it is well-draining. A good succulent soil does very nicely for Money Trees, but you can also make your own.

The Pot

There are so many kinds of pots available that you’ll have your choice of terracotta, ceramic, plastic, or composite in beautiful colors and designs. Terracotta (clay) pots allow moisture to evaporate through their walls, so the soil dries out quicker than plastic, ceramic, or composite pots.

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