Tips for Urban Gardening




Ancient civilizations thrived in relation to their proximity to food sources thousands of years before the global food trade our world relies on today.

Stacker used a variety of agriculture and gardening resources to compile a list of 25 tips to get you started—from plant selection and garden location to essential tools for the job.

Plan Your Plot

An urban garden can occupy a shared, community plot of land, a section of a yard or rooftop, or a container on a fire escape or windowsill. Most edible plants are hungry for sunlight, so look for a south-facing area for your plants.

Get the Right Tools For the Job

The only major things one needs to start a garden are soil, a vessel or area to plant in, and seeds. Many gardeners further opt for terra-cotta pots, compost (more about that later), gardening gloves, a watering can, organic fertilizers, and lumber for raised beds.

Grow Appropriate Plants

Zone numbers correspond to when different plants can grow in a region, and seed packets list their zone numbers to help gardeners determine what varietals will do best in specific climates.

Grow What You Eat

If you will grow edible plants, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is growing food you don’t normally like to eat. There’s no reason to grow 15 summer squash plants if you can’t stand ratatouille, or cucumbers if you never eat them.

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