Beautiful White Flowering Shrubs for Any Garden




There are many white flower options to choose from, so you will be able to find the perfect type of blooms whatever the season and whatever the climate where you live.

If you are thinking about buying some blooming bushes featuring white flowers for the spring and summer, read on for some great choices.

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White Flowering Shrubs to Choose From

White Hydrangeas (Usda Zones 3-9)

Deciduous shrubs offering big white flowers plus blooms in other colors, hydrangea shrubs have big, heart-shaped leaves, bushy growth, and gorgeous pastel-shade flowers.


Japanese  Andromeda Pieris Japonica (Usda Zones 4-8)

This evergreen shrub with white flowers is really pretty to look at and will add appeal to any garden. 


Cherry Laurel Prunus Laurocerasus (Usda Zones 6-9)

This attractive evergreen shrub has little white, scented flowers that will grow in 4-inch long clusters. These flowers have an almost plum-like fragrance and bloom in the spring.


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