Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, According to Experts




The holidays are fast approaching. And hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful process. So, we gathered expert advice to make it as stress-free and memorable as possible.

Experts revealed tips for preparation, beverages, trending foods, and commonly forgotten items. Time to bust out your finest dinnerware and deck the house into a Michelin-rated restaurant!

Yes, Boring, but Lists Are Your Friend

Jon Stephens stated: “One of the best ways to make hosting Thanksgiving a little less chaotic is to make thorough lists in advance of the event.


Know Your Crowd

Naturopathic practitioner Julius Cermak suggests polling your guests to know what they prefer: “Know the taste buds at your table: At our first Friendsgiving dinner, we served about 6 traditional dishes.


Double Check Cooking Times

Shirlene Kyin, Director of Operations of Soylent, makes an excellent point of checking cooking times in advance: “It’s important to check the recipes of dishes you’ll be making for Thanksgiving and put together a cooking schedule well ahead of time.


Let Guests Bring Dessert

Julius also recommends letting guests bring dessert: “Everyone wants to bring something. Dessert is the easiest dish to outsource. It does not eat up your limited oven space. It’s not critical to tablescapes or dinner presentations.


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