Vegetables That Do Not Like Peat Moss: Revealed




Today, we’re veering off the beaten path to explore a fascinating aspect of our leafy friends that might surprise you.

If you’ve been gardening for a while, you’re probably familiar with peat moss – that fibrous, brown material that often graces our garden beds as a soil amendment.

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17 Common Vegetables That Don’t Like Peat Moss

Asparagus: The Deep-Rooted Drainer

Asparagus has a distinct preference for sandy or loamy soils, shunning the high moisture and acidity offered by peat moss. 


Beetroot: The Alkaline Aficionado

Beetroots are more tolerant of alkaline conditions, making the acidic environment created by peat moss less appealing. 


Broad Beans: The Water-Weary

Broad Beans are lovers of well-draining soils, and the water-retaining properties of peat moss don’t fit the bill. Compost mixed with a bit of sand can provide a better balance of nutrients and drainage for these beans.


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