Things in 70s Homes: Cringeworthy & Loved Come Back Items




The ’70s was a laid-back era of music and fun times. So it’s interesting to look back at how things were and how they have changed.

What was popular in homes during the 1970s? We list 16 items; surprisingly, some are still around, although changed.

Shag Carpeting

Nothing says 1970’s more than shag carpet. So often used wall-to-wall in homes in bright colors such as orange and lime-green. Along with bathroom rugs and toilet covers.


Fur Furniture and Bedding

Fur chairs and bedding were used frequently to go along with the shag carpeting. We still see some of this material, just less often. Most commonly in Scandinavian interior design.


Floor Tvs

The TVs in the 70s were so wide and heavy that they had to be placed on the floor or rolling carts. They became furniture.


Wood Wall Paneling

Aside from the shag carpeting, nothing else dates a home as quickly as fake wood wall paneling. While wood can be a beautiful wall covering, these old panels are often one of the first things painted or removed during home remodeling projects.


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