Fascinating & Fun Facts About Venus Flytraps: The Green Predators Among Us




Imagine a world where the usual roles of hunter and hunted are turned on their head, where the predator doesn’t stalk through the underbrush or soar through the skies, but instead, lies in wait, rooted to the spot.

Let’s explore the life of this extraordinary plant, uncovering the truths that make it a subject of endless curiosity.

Eats Bugs Like Flies, Spiders & Beetles

Venus flytraps get their nutrients by chomping down on crawling insects that wander into their territory. Any bug is fair game, whether it’s a fly, mosquito, spider, beetle, or other small insect. They especially love munching on bugs like houseflies.


Have Trigger Hairs That Cause the Lobes to Close

Venus flytraps don’t just clamp shut spontaneously. They actually have tiny sensitive hairs on their lobes that trigger the trap to close. The trap will only snap shut when these hairs are touched multiple times within about 20 seconds.


Produce Elegant White Flowers

In springtime, Venus flytraps send up shoots that bloom beautiful white flowers with light green veining. So when they are not catching and eating bugs, these carnivorous plants are producing delicate flowers. The flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.


Can Live For 20 Years or More

Venus flytraps are perennial plants that live for many years. In fact, they can thrive for 20 years or longer in the wild. Each season, a Venus flytrap will sprout new leaf traps from its underground stems and roots.


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