Things You Never Knew Were Possible With an Air Fryer




Air fryers are multipurpose kitchen appliances that can make your cooking experience more efficient, healthier, and delicious. 

But get ready to take your air fryer game to the next level! We are serving up 15 things you probably didn’t realize you could make.

Ground Beef or Ground Turkey

Cooking ground beef or turkey in your air fryer is a quick and simple way to make a delicious and healthy meal. All you need is a pound of thawed meat, and you can season it however you like.



Who doesn’t love nachos? You can make them in your air fryer, and they’ll be just as delicious. Start with parchment paper, layer in your favorite tortilla chips, add some cheese and your cooked ground beef or turkey, and pop it in the air fryer for four minutes at 350 degrees. 



Croutons are an excellent addition to any salad and are even better when made in your air fryer. Cut your favorite bread into cubes, spray with your favorite oil, and season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.


Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a classic food you might not have thought to make in your air fryer, but trust us, it’s a game-changer.


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