Fluffy Chicken Breeds & What They’re Best At




Fluffy chicken breeds are in demand. Many of them make excellent show chickens because of their unique plumage, but their real draw is that they’re just plain adorable.

And just like their plainer-looking cousins, they’re just as useful on a farm or homestead. Fluffy chickens can be prolific egg-layers, while other breeds are enthusiastic brooders who will happily incubate their own or even other birds’ eggs.

4 Fluffy Chickens That Are Brooders

- Silkies - Cochin Chickens - Burmese Chickens - Dorking Chickens

4 of the Fluffiest Egg Layers

- Dominique Chickens - Ameraucana - Chanetecler - Russian Orloff Chicken

4 Fluffy Show Chickens

- Polish Chickens - Houdan Chickens - Sultan Chickens - Yokohama Chickens

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